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EXISTING LOVE My wonders of love And your wonders of love Never combine together, ‘That’s the fact’ should  realize  by me. The day i cried Was a waste of time Where no one could calm or Understand  the feeling It was not for a long time  But still something you expressed will be still going … Continue reading EXISTING LOVE


MY DREAM My dream Is to explore the world And to bring out happiness… My life is tending  To be happy  To create a enlargement in life. As me a depressed person Don’t no how to wake up Someone something somewhere Preventing from all the wish  Which could make you fulfill… The world never going … Continue reading MY DREAM


    INCOMPLETENESS   Incompleteness leads to loneliness loneliness leads to break into half part as this doesn’t make you think that you are not stable or amateurishness as the day  will come realizing you now my aim is to  search my lost part as my mind eagerly waits for you but i know you … Continue reading INCOMPLETENESS

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